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Vital records from Pomerania

Members of Pomeranian Genealogical Society (Pomorskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne) have indexed nearly 5 million birth, marriage and death records, mainly from the Pomeranian region.

There are three separate search engines, to search for birth records click here: www.ptg.gda.pl/index.php/certificate/action/searchB/, for marriages – here: www.ptg.gda.pl/index.php/certificate/action/searchM and for deaths here: www.ptg.gda.pl/index.php/certificate/action/searchD/

The database is constantly growing and new indexes are added regularly.

Besides vital records the website also holds a searchable database of local cemeteries and graveyards: www.ptg.gda.pl/index.php/cemetery/action/searchCem/


Tips on using the Pomeranian Genealogical Society database :

  • To see what Parish and Civil Registry Office records are available for the whole province, go to www.ptg.gda.pl/index.php/certificate/action/main/. The list will also tell you which records have been already indexed
  • If you do not select a Parish or a Civil Registry Office when researching the database, you will have to narrow the time span you wish to research.
  • If you search within a Parish or a Civil Registry Office (there is a list in a drop down menu), date restriction will not be necessary
  • Please note that Pomerania was a part of Prussia therefore the names you are researching may have been recorded in German. Try Johann instead of John etc.
  • You may also wish to check out our post about German names of Polish cities, towns and villages
  • Use asterisk or partial word search

Good luck !


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