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Living relatives

Finding  long – lost or unknown relatives might be a unique experience. Even though many years have passed since your ancestors left Poland, family members who remained and those of next generations may still remember uncles and aunties who left their hometown in search for a new life on other continent.

Families often stayed in touch. Even though they were thousands of miles away, they exchanged letters, photographs and gifts. These were treasured and looked after, often passed down in the family.

The stories about migrant relatives may also still be alive. Senior family members may still remember what their parents told them. These oral histories may help you understand why your ancestors made such decision years ago. You may find out more about the reasons why they left Poland, how they felt about it, how they organized the travel and many other details the passenger lists and other records will not reveal.

The ones who may hold the most valuable information are your senior relatives. They themselves may have been amongst those who waved goodbye to your ancestors as they were leaving. Sometimes it were their parents who witnessed the farewell and told the story over and over again. These memories may shed a new light or add up more details to what you already know about your immigrant ancestors. Along with visiting places where your ancestors were born and where they lived – meeting your living relatives might be most unusual genealogical experience.

Our service includes:

  • finding living relatives – once we confirm with the records who your ancestors were, we may start looking for descendants of their closest relatives who remained in Poland. They may still live in the same town or village, in the same street or even in the same house as your ancestors.
  • interviewing – we can meet them and ask about your ancestors, surviving letters, pictures and other family artifacts. We can also arrange a video chat with you.
  • translating e-mails and letters – if you would like to contact your relatives directly we offer translation services. Please note that elderly people may not speak English or use new technologies and therefore prefer snail mail.
  • arranging meetings and interpreting – if you plan to visit Poland we may arrange a meeting with your relatives and provide interpreting support.

This service is priced individually. Please use contact form to inquire for details.