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Poznań – Citizen Registration Cards

e-kartoteka is a searchable collection of registration cards for both permanent and temporary citizens of Poznań. Cards list all family members and include information such as their names, occupations, dates and places of birth, marriage and deaths (if applies), residence addresses and – if any citizen left the city for a longer period –place of residence during that time along with the dates span.
The collection covers years between 1870 and 1931.

1. Go to http://e-kartoteka.net/ and type in a researched surname in the seach box (SZUKAJ – on the left hand side of the website) and press ENTER.
2. If you receive too many results you may also wish to provide a name. In that case use inverted commas and first type in a surname followed by a name – for example “Kowalski Jan”
3. As the result you will get a list of all archival units that contain searched terms.
4. One by one go to the units and you will find the searched terms highlighted.
5. Clicking a surname will open a registration card.
Please note that some cards will open within http://e-kartoteka.net/ website and some within http://szukajwarchiwach.pl service.

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