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Radom diocese church archives

If your ancestors were from the area of Radom you may find this website vey useful in your research.


www.archiwaonline.pl/en is the official website of Radom Diocese Archives. It aims to index vital records from 17th to 20th century from all parishes in the Diocese. The list of all the parishes within the Radom Diocese can be found here.

The database can be used in two ways:

  1. To perform a name search go to www.archiwaonline.pl/en/szukajaktow.html and fill in at least the surname field in the search box on the left. As the result you will get a list of individuals matching your criteria. Click on a selected result to see a detailed transcription and a preview of the scanned record.
    The records can be downloaded for a small fee and to do so you will have to set up a free account.
  2. Another search engine on this website links with Family Search collections. Go to www.archiwaonline.pl/en/6-Links.html and choose a parish of your interest from a list. Each parish is interlinked with corresponding records at www.familysearch.org. Please note that in many cases you will not be able to locate these collections using Catalog Search at FamilySearch.
    There is no name index but still it is a great help provided you know the name of the parish of your ancestors.

Good luck!


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